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Seety Magazine

Art Director 2010 -12

A magazine that will let you see the city with a fresh eye… A publication on life, entertainment, tourism, and the arts whose mission is to “closely follow the quality-of-life indicators of Southern Taiwan. ”Seety” brings together a group of people with vitality and passion who will record and share with readers the people, appearances, events, and all things of interest in Southern Taiwan. Magazines focusing on leisure, fashion, and entertainment are immensely popular in all parts of Taiwan.

We now introduce to this market a completely new trend- and leisure-oriented magazine with an international outlook, a completely new team of people, and a completely new editorial concept. Each month 15,000 copies will be issued (and the number will increase over time). The magazine will be available through many channels: the high-speed railway, hotels, science parks, bookstores, restaurants, nightclubs and more, in Tainan, Kaohsiung, Chiayi, and Kenting. The main approaches will be free distribution as well as distribution through the mail, offering advertisers a select and precise target group of consumers.

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