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I'm Liyu, an England-based visual designer specializing in UI & UX design.

UI/UX | Branding | Photography | Jewellery

Deutan Jewellery

An online store created for my own hand-crafted jewellery pieces.


UI/UX | Branding | Visual

Leather Company

An e-commerce platform supplies leather goods from exclusive brands. 


UI/UX | Visual


KindSox offers top quality socks and donate one pair to the homeless every pair sold. 

KindSox-tablet-mockup-top-angle-view-365 copy.png

UI/UX | Branding | Visual

Ying Wah Travel

A travel agency specialising in flights and cruises in East Asia. 

Ying Wah Travel-mockup.png


Jewellery Design

One of a kind jewellery pieces designed and made by myself. 

Rosemary-earring-worn-black background.jpg

UI/UX | Visual

Yark Beds

A website offers the freedom to customize your own bed design online. 

Yark_isolated_tablet_laptop_and_smartphone_composition 6 copy.png

UI/UX | Branding | Visual


A bed specialist website offers a wide range of bed frames and mattresses.

Bedz-tablet-mock-up-isolated-1643 copy.png

UI/UX | Branding | Visual

Ying Wah Property

An estate and letting agency specialising in off-plan flats and property management.

Ying Wah Property_isolated_tablet_laptop_and_smartphone_composition 6 copy.png


Graphic Design

From branding to typesetting, print design to illustration.

Somerton logo-transparent background.png


Product Design

Products thoughtfully designed for functionality and beauty. 

Cubic Light - 1-landscape.jpg

I'm Liyu

I am an ambitious designer holding a Master of Arts degree, with significant experience in UI/UX and visual design fields.

Through my design journey, I've developed skills to multitask and collaborate effectively within any team.

My dedication to communication and meeting deadlines ensures that I not only understand my client's needs but also exceed their expectations.

Thanks for submitting!

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